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Public & Personal Transportation

Electrical to Fiber Optics Cabling
Water & Sewer
Highway & Interstate
Roads and Street Modification
Dams and levy Modification
Information / Systems & Technology
Safety & Security

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2 million Jobs


Trickle Up Theory



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500,000 Transportation JOBS for 10 years


There would be more than a half a Million JOBS centered around re-inventing our public (private) transportation infrastructure.

Many jobs with no prior experience

  • Creating underground highways and rail line
  • Surveyors
  • Removing 46,000 miles of earth to make way for this new rail line
  • Creating underground highways and rail line
  • Engineer (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical)
  • Traffic Control etc.

Apprenticeships Programs for six weeks to learn many other skills for high school graduates

Adjusting our thinking from exclusive mass transit to an inclusion of personal transportation


Millions of employment and business opportunities await American cities and counties. Imagine what 10,000 new jobs paying 40,000 per year for the next 10 years would mean to 200 different American cites. Over the 10 years life of the i3 project it would totally pay for itself, in fact i3 will save the nation billions over the life of the project. Example: We waste $50.3 billion of the $700 billion we spend each year on oil being stuck in traffic (according to the Nation Association of Architects). That equates to $530 Billion over the life of the project that could be saved by our nation. That's only savings that could be revealed in dollars wasted in traffic jams, we will not mention the dollars wasted simultaneously in loss productivity caused by our congested highways.

Imagine the economic windfall and the effect this level of investment would mean to local economies through out the United States. i3 would allow the American worker to create a "trickle up" effect for Corporate America instead of the promised "trickle down" effect to the american public.

Imagine having Civic and Grassroots organization at the table when spending and oversight strategies are being discussed and negotiated.

Think about the possibilities that would be created if we not rebuild but re-invent our Interstate Highways and other aspects of our infrastructure. If we create a rail system that could transport people, good and services across the nation at speeds in access of 310 miles per hour. This would mean you could live in Philadelphia and work in Washington and get to work in less than 30 minutes, Atlanta to Orlando in 1.5 hours. You would be able to travel from Chicago to Detroit in 54 minutes, with no traffic jams and without using any gasoline at all. These project are not wishful thinking, they are all ready moving forward just not where we live and work.




The Innovative Infrastructure Investing (i3)